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|| Melie Bee ||
8 June 1987
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I'm Melissa.
I'm super rad.
Don't feel offended if I don't like you. ;]
Boba tea is the best.
And I am the sexiest otter evar.

In loving memory of my daddy.
[May 19, 1923 - Nov 18, 2011]
Never will be forgotten.
Love, miss, & cherish deeply.


I'm in love with the boy of my life
Jared P.
{ December 30, 2005.<3 }

Mmm, lover. ♥

Velvet Knights Drum Corps 2007.
Riverside City College (RCC) Marching Tigers 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009.
Color guard co-captain my Junior & Senior years ('03-'05) at FUHS.
FUHS Color guard instructor. ('06-'07)
Color guarding since 2001!


I'm super in love with kpop & MLP.
I cosplay on my spare time.
And play lots o' video games~
I'm a super nerd!! 8D

A shy, cute, loveable person.
Optimistic, happy, and always positive.
I don't believe in hate.
Show more love.